EP3: Therapy

All rejoice, Brad finally caught up to Max and finished Assassin’s Creed 2. They discuss the oddities of the end storyline and what “The Truth” really means.

A quick review of the new iPhone app: Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars.

Brad dodges the purchase Dark Void.

Discussion of the new XBLA Arcade Theater and the 3D TV phenomenon that was CES.

Quick Impression of Mass Effect 2.

Brad gives a quick nod to the PC application PlayOn and the powers it can unleash on your home network.  Yup, hulu on the 360, PS3, or Wii.

Brad gets some therapy complaining about all the various pre-order DLC offered from all the different retailers.

So until next time – Enjoy!

The noise reduction algorithm ran on the audio upon completion of the recording  we will stop doing after this show, there is an abrupt volume decrease during pauses, we plan to fix this in the coming podcasts.

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