EP5: Good News Everyone

After a technical break due to some fat finger screw ups, we are back and weaker then ever!  We took a quick break from a God of War 3 marathon to give you this episode of the 2 Idiot Gamers podcast.

Everyone is excited for some good new – Good News Everyone!  Futurama in June!  12 Episodes.

Brad discusses his views on Dark Void and Dante’s Inferno

Max finishes and talks about Bioshock 2Deadly Premonition, RE5 DLC, and Bayonetta.

We venture into the realm of movies with the discussion of the Predators trailer. (Caution Flash Heavy)

We play some oldies, Max: Portal, Brad: Red Dead Revolver

We go into the the cool Portal 2 marketing: Kotaku Post on Decoding GDC Blue Screen

Some older news: Original XBOX Live going down in early April, PS3 Explodes on Feb 29, 2010, 3d coming to PS3.

Winners of our first contest are announced.

A God of War 3 review-cast will be up tomorrow.

We changed the compression on this file to make it smaller, I do not think quality suffered, if you think it did, let us know, we will put it back up to a higher bit-rate in future podcasts.

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