EP6: Downright Ridiculous


So during the editing process, I realized the phrase that pays is “downright ridiculous”.  Someone buy me a thesaurus.

This week the we talk about a handful of things.

Happy Easter!

Max looks forward to Alan Wake.

Brad discusses the craziness that is Just Cause 2

Brad continues to go over all the Borderlands DLC – The Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, and The Secret Armory of General Knoxx – Apparently Gearbox likes X’s.  Island goes on sale April 19th for 400 points, absolutely worth it.

Sony removes “Other OS Support” on fat PS3 – So it no longer does that will be the new advertising campaign.

DOD Buys PS3’s.

The full God of War 3 discussion.  We only had about 10 minutes of content, so we both have seen the full game and discuss the whole game.

We discuss our past with some Microsoft Game Room.

Brad see’s “Clash of the Titans” (2010) – The highlights include “The A-Team” trailer and “The Losers”

And everyone should watch “The Pacific” on HBO

Background Music was Gears Of War by Kevin Riepl

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