Comic Con, we hardly knew thee.

Lono's title for us as the picture is stolen from

This weekend, we tried to do the good thing and fight the good fight.  It took a little while, and a handful of tries, but we finally succeeded.  I am not going to rehash the details here,  after all, we talk about the whole ordeal on the podcast this week, and Lono over at SarcasticGamer does a wonderful job over here.  Instead I want to focus on the good things.

Max and I were dead set on promoting Extra Life this weekend at a local, well known comic-con.  We had handed out about 1000 flyers over the course of 3 days at the lesser Chicago – Comic Con.  We had no presence on Sunday due to the fact we were out of supplies.  We would say that over 50% or so showed genuine interest or they were just great actors.  We met people from all over these great United States and helped them understand what Extra Life is and why it is so great.  If even one of the people sign up for Extra Life because of what we did, it would be worth it a hundred times over.  It was fun talking to all the kids and parents that were interested.  Kids particularly loved the videos narrated by Doc of and the prospect of playing games for 24 hours.  Parents were interested in teaching their kids some great values in something their children would normally be doing anyway.  All in all, despite the waves it ended up being a great weekend.

So spread the word, keep this going, we are less then 60 days away from from Oct 16th.  We need more people registered.  So sign up, pass along the information to friends and get people donating.

I look forward to your head-shot coming my way on Oct 16th.

And we appriciate all the great words and wishes from those supporting us and Extra Life.


Feel free to add me to your friends list(s) for an easy target come the 16th.

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