Over 1,500,000 Zombies Denied Brains…

Capcom recently announced that Dead Rising 2 Case 0 recently was downloaded over 300,000 times. That is a lot of dead zombies. The quality involved in this 800+ megabyte package is amazing. Many will complain of texture popping and low-res textures, others will point out the quality and or lack there of voice acting. All in all though, dollar for dollar this is one of the most complete XBL games available. Not only does it offer a full variety of weapons it also offers a full range of endings.

Many have complained about the fact that this just seems to be a paid demo. First off, the game is only 5 bucks. Secondly, it is complete and robust. It offers multiple endings, 7 fully customizable weapons, a full small city block to explore, and 12 survivors to find and attempt to save (although some do not want saving). The one thing that will distinguish this from the final game is if this content is not in the retail package. Today’s demos tend to be timed demos, much like the recent Crackdown 2 release. During these timed demos one can normally not accomplish many tasks. Demos also do not include achievements, this copy does include a full set, from easy to challenging. Now remember, there is a trial version of Case 0 for those who do not want to spend the cash.

Full review after the break. Dead Rising Case 0 does accomplish one wonderful task, it presents what Dead Rising is and what makes it so great. If you liked Case 0 and have no idea what dead rising is you will be in for a big surprise. Imagine something that will be much larger in scale and have a lot more shuffling of survivors. If you played the first Dead Rising, and enjoyed it, this game more then likely reminded you all about dead rising and all it has to offer.

Enough of the formalities, I loved case 0. I have played through it a bunch of times, gotten 3 different endings and just recently S-Ranked (100% achievements) it. I have been in all the stores, tried all the weapons, and maxed out my level 5 PP. I am looking forward to the end of September and being able to run around Las Veg…err Fortune City and exploring all it has to offer.

I have to present some full disclosure, unlike my co-host, I loved and enjoyed the first Dead Rising. I loved the save system, of which was hated by many. I thought it gave the decent sense of tension and allowed to help level up and make some of the earlier sections easier. For those not familiar, the save system in the first game allowed for one save. When you saved, you moved time forward a little. You only had one, so if you died, you had the choice of starting over at your newest level or reverting to your last save, losing any leveling progress. I almost always opted to restart, it made sections easier.

Back to Case 0, you play as motorcycle star Chuck Greene. He has a daughter who has been bit by zombie mom and now faces down the life of wanted to feast on the living. There have been some recent medical advances in zombie treatments, Zombrex,  from the makers of Abilify, can prevent you from turning, however it must be taken every 12 hours.  So the  first task is to locate some to help save your daughter.  Then the formula of dead rising comes through and shines.  You run into survivors who can offer you money to weapons depending on the number of tasks and speed in which you get to them.  There are 12 in all.  Some want to be saved, some want to kill zombies.

During your run around this small rural Vegas town you will find a whole host of weapons and this is where the new feature comes into play.  Some weapons may be modified.  For instance the first one presented to you is the baseball bat and nails.  Combine these two items and you now wield a porcupine.  There is one little confusing part about the combo weapons.  There seems to be two stages, the first of which is discovering the combo, the second is the introduction of a secondary attack.  The are called scratch cards.  Now for some items I received the secondary attack just for building it, others I had to rescue a survivor or level up.  I hope this is cleared up in the final game.  Some of these items are extremely powerful and worth finding.  And for those wondering, powerful weapons like  the paddle-chain-saw.  Yup, wield this bad boy and zombies just topple.

This was a wonderful treat back in to the world that is Dead Rising.  I know this review is late and now we know of another title, Dead Rising Case West.  Which will include our favorite DR protagonist Frank West.  With the came coming out on Sept 28 I can hardly wait.  I also have a feeling some achievement hunting in this title may make its way into my Extra Life playlist.  I will sum it up like this, if you fall into any of these categories, you will enjoy it:  Read a Max Brooks novel, love Zombies, enjoy Zombies movies (even the newer ones), liked dead rising, are an avid reader of The Walking Dead.  For 5 bucks this is a steal, so grab it, kill some zombies and look for the full title on Sept 28.


  • New Combo system – really adds some oddities that make this game so great.
  • Costume changes, customize Chuck how ever you want, even put him in a waitress outfit from the diner.
  • Lots of Zombies to kill.
  • Completely self-contained experience.
  • Feels like Dead Rising!
  • Re-playable with your progress working in the Retail Product.
  • Tongue and check humor.


  • I had to leave.
  • There are some texture issues.
  • Controls still have a learning curve.

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