Marvel vs Capcom3!! What’s up with this frickin’ line?!

Throughout history, people have stood in line for a myriad of things.

Things like bread during wartime.

Things like jobs.

Things like movies.

Things like porn.

Well, tonight I stood in line and waited to see Marvel vs Capcom 3.  Fortunately, the night air was cool and agreeable and Brad and I had lively conversation while we waited.  After some time had passed, I remarked that I didn’t mind waiting for something that wasn’t going to run out.  We knew that, eventually, we’d get to see the game and probably play it.  I had nothing else to do, so what’s the harm in waiting?

Two more hours passed.

The line we were in dissolved into a human clot around the door. Security attempted to re-structure some semblance of order, but it was like bows and arrows against the lightning.  Nobody was gonna budge.

I turned to Brad and said “I’m not getting trampled like those people at The Who concert for a videogame!!”.

Then I spied my friend Eddie, just hanging out in the periphery of the maddened throng.  A little history.  Eddie and I shot the shit alot when we both worked for Midway games. We’re both movie freaks. So Brad and I left the crowd and went over to say hello. Turns out, Eddie was already supposed to be in there and was just waiting for the crowd to clear.  Suddenly, Seth, the guy who arranged the nights events, found us and gave us wristbands!! We were in!

The game looks amazing.  I’m going to try now to list the playable characters, but since I still have an ancient flip-phone that can take no reliable photos, (a source of constant shame) I’ll have to remember from….you know…my brain. Don’t expect much.


The dog from that painting game that everyone loved and I didn’t play. I feel bad about that.

Chris Redfield from Resident Evil


Chun Li


Viewtiful Joe


Dante – (he wasn’t even supposed to BE here toda!!y)


Iron Man

The Hulk

Super Skrull




Doctor Doom


The game looks fantastic. Slick and smooth, just like I like ’em.  Sadly, there was no audio other than the beats of house music played through the whole place. It’s understandable though. If each game had audio, it would have made for a cacophony of migraine inducing  proportions.

All in all, it was a really great time. There was pizza and beer. I feel fortunate to have been there and it seemed that a good time was had by everyone in attendance.

Now, for your pleasure and spiritual edification, some nice cleavage.









That’s cell cleavage. It happens a when cell breaks in two. This was for Karen, who’s starting school again this week.

What?!  What were you expecting?


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