Extra Life is an overwhelming success.

Because I am tired, I stole Doc's pic at ExtraLife.sarcasticgamer.com

I am just starting to shake off the gaming hangover from yesterdays marathon.  The fund raiser was overwhelming success.  How big you ask?  Well the two previous years combined we raised just over $300,000.  Yesterday, before make up days, final tallies, etc., we have managed to raise $417,291.  Yup, that number is right, in one sitting we raised more then the two years combined.  Over 3,400 registered gamers worldwide rallied yesterday and convinced friends, family, and strangers to open their checkbooks and give to the Children’s Miracle Network.  I have participated every year and this was by far the most fun and, more importantly, the most rewarding.  As I read twitter this morning I see many carry the same sentiment of “WOW” and “look what we did”.

Yesterday’s marathon I found much easier then previous ones.  Perhaps it was the SG team’s running tally bar, veteran experience, or just a different environment.  I started the day off by finishing off a busted play through of Dead Rising 2.  I then moved on to Castlevania Lord of Shadows until I was invited to play some Reach multi-player with the SG team.  The Reach multi-player was crazy!  And by crazy, I mean made time disappear.  I went from about 2 pm until 7 pm in a blink of an eye.  I had no idea playing with others like that would eat away time so easily.  I then played some Demon’s Souls while eating dinner.  Raided on the new 4.0.1 specs in World of Warcraft for a few hours.  I then played Uncharted 2 to 55%.  At which point it was 4 AM and I decided I had to fullfill my promise to fourzerotwo and play some Modern Warfare 2.  WOW…do I suck at that.  Skills diminish  when you walk away from a game for a while.  I then finished off my time with Castlevania’s little shadow of the colossus fight and a beautiful Lake Michigan sunrise.

It was a rewarding time these last few months prepping for Extra Life.  It was great to see this small, grass roots event grow into some thing huge that no one expected.  Now comes the difficult task of catching up on sleep and figuring out how to top next year!  Oh and according to this post, posts at SG, and my recruiting post from the comic book show, it looks like Hulk was the unofficial mascot of Extra Life this year.

I am very proud of this gaming community.  We accomplished a wonderful task of helping kids get the treatment they need.  Great job!

Just look at this one year number one more time:


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