First off, yes we are alive.  Second off, no, we have not abandoned this.

I should have listed this earlier, we took a hiatus the last few months because one of us got a job play testing and has not been playing much of anything that he could talk about, while the other one has started his own consulting business and is trying to make ends meet.  As soon as the total work-a-holic catches up on rest we plan to get back on a regular schedule.

Some things to look forward to in future podcasts

  • Brad finished Dead Rising 2 and wants to talk about the A ending.
  • Brad finished Fable 3 and got pissed at one moment and is now a homicidal maniac in the game as a result.
  • Brad got a new laptop, complete with snazzy nVidia 3d Vision – impressive, most impressive.
  • Brad started a kinect work-out and wants to cry.
  • Max has been testing a new product and is super excited to talk about it!

So look to this space because we will start up again real soon.  We will also have a contest soon – We have some XBL codes for the full version of  ‘Alan Wake’ to give away.  So keep an eye out on twitter for details.

Until then – Stay Frosty!

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